If you find yourself having difficulty contacting us via the internet, you can also contact us by using these methods : (Scroll down to see the entire page)

DJ Bill T (Bill Terwilleger) DBA : "DMA Music Services"
Primary Email : BillT@BillT.com 
Secondary Email : djbillt2012@gmail.com
Instant Message Me Via FB Messenger https://www.facebook.com/DJBillT1981/

DJ Beatz (John Bonfardice)
Primary Email: jabdjservice@gmail.com
Secondary Email : abofar99@yahoo.com
DJ Jammin' Joe (Joe Rosato)
Primary Email : jamminjoerosato@hotmail.com

Secondary Email : None Please call (315) 269-7249

DJ Johnny C
(Johnny Coriale Jr)
Primary Email : jc25_99@yahoo.com

DJ Rtunes  D.B.A. Affordable Sound & Lighting (
Rick Schebel)
Primary Email
: dejaveja@yahoo.com