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Welcome To My Crossfire Page

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  • Dealer : Photos before I got the car

  • Delta : Photos I took in the Fall of 2008 on a beautiful Fall day !

  • Detailing : Photos Of When I first got the car and the detailing that I did / or have done since

  • Home : Photos Here at the house

  • Misc: Miscellaneous Photos

  • Ride Home : Photos of the 'ride home' from Connecticut

  • Seat Covers : Broke down and bought a nice pair of custom sheepskin seat covers

  • Sebring : Some people tell me that this looks 'just like my car'

  • StarHill: Photos I took in the Fall of 2008 on a beautiful Fall day !

  • Touring Gear : Yes I have the Authentic Crossfire Luggage and some other goodies too !

The first thing that most people say is 'why did you buy this' ?. Those people don't know me to well. I'm not married, don't have any kids, and I am self employed. I devote most of my time to building my business. Every so often we get a great day to be outside in upstate New York. They are rare, but we do get them. Because I am self employed, when we get these nice days, I want to get out and enjoy them. I don't golf, but I do like to drive, so I bought this car to enjoy on those few and far between nice days.

The next question is, 'why the Crossfire' ? . Well, because it's different and I did not want to see myself coming and going. I also knew they did not sell well and I could buy one with low, like new, miles for 1/2 of the original sticker price. Shortly after I started my search I found out that the production numbers were very low and that just meant that 30 years from now the car might be worth something. In between now and then, every nice day the top will be dropped and I will be out and about enjoying the fresh air sunshine !