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Brian's Customer Comments Page

This page is under construction, please check back often

Company Picnic Summer 2005

Brian was great as usual. Everything turned out really well. I did pass your card on to a friend yesterday who is in need of a DJ. I referred Brian to him. Thanks for everything and I will be using Brian again next year.

Tammy Wilson
Empire Aero Center

"Oktoberfest Theme Fundraiser for the Rome Republican City Committee and Friends of Jim Brown" (10/28/04 - Rome Polish Home)

Dear Bill (And Brian)

Thank you for providing great entertainment at the Oktoberfest Fund Raiser. I sincerely appreciated the professionalism and attention to detail you gave to our event. Brian did a great job and provided outstanding service.

The committee and I received many compliments throughout the night from everyone on what a wonderful time they had and your quality of service. The music selection was great and everyone enjoyed the assortment of music.

I look forward to working with you again next year. I hope that you will have a happy holiday season.

James F. Brown
Mayor, City of Rome

Hello Bill (And Brian)

Thank you for checking with me about the outcome of our Oktoberfest. The music you prepared in advance and the manner in which Brian mixed
the event were both excellent. The music was very appropriate and Brian did a great job. He was also very helpful with our drawings and the
technical aspect of getting the electronic keyboard we needed for the singing group hooked up and operating correctly. Like any event, we
might make some minor changes next year, but your services worked out great and we will contact you as soon as we have a date picked out for
next year.

Thank you again, for the attention and professional manner in which you booked our event, prepared for it, and as always your concern that all
went well. I guess the best compliment, for both you and Brian with regard to this event is that as the chairperson, even with the possible
technical confusion that could have cropped up concerning the keyboard, I had no need to even speak with Brian until our first drawing. He
handled everything, and I cannot remember hearing or not hearing anything that concerned me whatsoever. The event, which we hope was
the first annual, was a grand success.


Alan Spindler, Chairman
Friends of Jim Brown 2004

Class Reunion / R.F.A. Class of '79 / July 2004 (Held At Buckys In Rome)

Bill, (Brian)
Thank you for helping our reunion to be such a success.  We try to put all of the finishing touches on our plans- and with your help Saturday night turned out very well.  The old music videos were well received and definitely a conversation piece.  Our video worked well.    The song selections were used by many.  The DJ was very friendly (Brian) and he made several announcements for us. 
Thank you again for all of your efforts.

College Graduation Party / June 2002

Hello Bill,
The party was very nice.  We were very pleased with Brian.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good DJ.   I will also highly recommend your business to anyone that is looking for music for a special event.  It has been very nice working with you.  Thank you ----


American Cancer Society / March 2002

Hi Bill --

The event went great!! We had a super turnout - around 250 or so! Packed the ballroom!! Everyone was very enthusiastic and ready to roll. Brian did a very good job. He was very easy to work with and very upbeat. I'd definitely recommend using him again at any time. He was very professional and friendly. Very willing to do whatever we needed him to do. Just seemed like a super guy all around.

-- Bob Elinskas
   Community Director ACS