Music Library / Our Sources For New Music (And Videos)

This is our standard music library (pictured below) that is used for all of our private events. We currently offer over 21,000 selections from 1940 - present day . We only use licensed digital music from music subscription services such as Promo Only and Top Hits USA / RPM. We receive the new music the same time the major radio stations do. We subscribe to all of the music formats including :

Weekly :

Pop Adult Contemporary
Pop Country Radio Hits (1994 to present)
Pop Radio Hits (Includes Hip Hop, R&B, Rap And Pop Rock)

Monthly :

Best Of Modern Rap / Urban (1994 to present)
Best Of Modern Latin (2001 to present)
Best Of Modern Rock (1997 to present)

90% of the current selections we play are the "clean radio edits" and are rated "G & PG".

Over 50% of the CD's pictured in the collection are directly from the record companies, and most of them are "Greatest Hits". From Abba to ZZ Top. We
have the "Greatest Hits" from every popular artist that ever went "Platinum" 1940 - present day. Also included are the "Greatest Hits" from different styles, eras and world music. We estimate that we have 1500+ greatest hits CD's.

(Not Pictured) We also have a complete selection of licensed Dance Music Videos on DVD. We have over 850 videos from Disco to current R&B. This also
includes a nice selection from the 1980's when MTV was MTV.

Downloading Mp3 Music and playing the music back from your portable computer is something we are looking into, however at this time we are playing
licensed Digital CD's.