Replacement Lamps

Confucius Say :

It never hurts to have a few spare bulbs on hand! Getting ready for the biggest show of your life and you find out your main effect lights are blown!! Don't worry -- you remembered to get REPLACEMENT LAMPS -- didn't you?

64514 Osram 64514 120V 300W 75hr. $21.06 $15.00
64610 12V 50W 50hrs. $10.00 $6.00
BRL 12V 50W 50hrs. $10.00 $6.00
ELC ELC 24V 250W $30.46 $14.00
ENH 120V 250W MR16 175 hrs. $30.00 $15.00
EVC 24V 250W 300 hrs. Long Life EHJ- X-Treme $22.00 $17.00
EVD 36V 400W High Output 50hrs. $29.95 $15.00
EXV 12V 100W MR16 $30.46 $19.00

These are in Stock. Hundreds more available. I strongly recommend Osram. I have had the most success with this brand when it comes to temperature change and vibration.

These prices fluctuate. I will price match in Stock Items.

Email me for prices on hard to find bulbs.