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** Fall 2010 ** I have received little in the mail from Harbor Freight when it comes to coupons.

Harbor Freight is one of my favorite catalog order companies and they send me flyers in the mail often and I enjoy browsing them. The only problem I have is that almost every one of the flyers has a coupon on the back for free merchandise or free something .... but because the flyers come so often and they vary so much on price and what's inside, they can get tossed out frequently and when it comes time to actually place an order, I can never find the coupon code numbers. I have decided to build a page on my web site to share this information and will try and keep it up to date as often as I can. Enjoy and if you have any comments, click here.  I also notice that the coupons are coming less and less in the mail. Use them while you can ! It used to be you must spend "$39.99", then it went to $49.99 , then $59.99... now it's $69.99 ?

If you use this page and would like to see it continue, put $1.00 in an envelope and send it to : If you have any comments, click here. 

Bill T Harbor Freight
PO Box 33
Durhamville, NY 13054-0033

**UPDATE** I have been noticing that Harbor Freight is send the coupons less frequently, and there are more and more "$10 coupons" and less free merchandise offer. Harbor Freight has not offered "Free Shipping" in quite some time. The cost of fuel is to blame from what I have been told. Even the "Discover Offer" HAD free shipping, now they took it away. Without free shipping, I most likely will not order much. :(

Harbor Freights Customer Service Number is 1-800-444-3353

Item in the "Tan" fields below contributed by Sparky, Daniel, Jerold, Keith, Dave, Tom, Kevin, Kenny, Mike, Jeff, Rob, Eric, Lee, John,  Jim, Marv, Jamie & His Wife (Thank You).  If you have any comments or would like to add something check the scanned image below first then, click here. Before I add your coupon codes I must have all the information or I will not add it. This information includes "Expires" "You Must Spend" "Good For" "Coupon Or Code Number" "Ask For" and most importantly the "Flyer ID"

Expires You Must Spend Good For

Coupon or Code Number

"Ask For" Flyer ID
None at this time          

Hit Counter

"Free" Items offered in the past (Just a FYI list for me, these items are NO longer offered)

  • $5.00 Off  Your Order
  • $5.00 Off (ATD) + Free Attaché' Bag
  • $5.00 (CFB) Off  Your Order
  • $5.00 Off + Free 12 Pc. File Set
  • $5.00 Off + Free 30 Pc. Twist Drill Bit Grab Bag
  • $5.00 Off + Free 41 Pc First Aid Kit
  • $5.00 Off + Free Attaché' Bag
  • $5.00 Off + Free Duffel Bag
  • $5.00 off + Free Set of 3 pc. Tinner Snips
  • $10.00 Harbor Freight Gift Card
  • Free 2 Pc. 6" Swivel Pad Locking Pliers Set
  • Free 3 PC Set Flex Head Stubby Ratchets
  • Free 4 Function Pencil Holder
  • Free 7 Way Pocket Knife
  • Free 12 Pc File & Rasp Set
  • Free 12 Volt Halogen Spot Light !
  • Free 13 PC Hole Saw Set
  • Free 16 PC. Precision Screwdriver Set
  • Free Attaché Case
  • Free Cable Tie Assortment
  • Free Canvas Bag
  • Free Digital Multi-meter
  • Free Duffle Bag
  • Free Duffle Bag + $5.00 Off Your Order
  • Free Electric Shaver
  • Free Gift Pen
  • Free Leather Work Gloves
  • Free Mug
  • Free Rechargeable Shaver
  • Free Rechargeable Electric Shaver
  • Free Stainless Steel Flask
  • Free Three Head Rechargeable Shaver
  • Free Tinner Snip Set
  • Free Travel Flask
  • Free Travel Flask & Mug
  • Free Twist Drill Grab Bag
  • Free Ultralite Travel Bag Set