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Plasma Monitors Hit Counter

We now offer 42" Plasma Monitors and professional DVD players to play your pre-produced slide shows, video presentations & our music videos !

  • Wedding Receptions; Looking for something different ? During Cocktail Hour and Dinner a slide show of the Bride and Groom growing up is becoming extremely popular. Most of these slide shows start with treasured baby pictures, then school, sports, college friends... then dating photos, holiday, engagement, Jack and Jill, showers and more.  Often included are segments centered around the parents and grandparents. Slide shows generally last about 10 minutes and can include 100's of photos. At some receptions the slide show runs over and over on as a "static" presentation (no sound) for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour, dinner or both. Others are the "focal point" where the guests are seated, lights are dimmed and everyone watches. This style contains a nice soundtrack of music you pick out (Wonderful World / Unforgettable / Memories etc) At every reception where we have used the plasma screen for a slide show, everyone was impressed. Your guests will be talking about it for long time ! Check out the photos below !
  • Balls / Proms / Formals; Display a slide show of memorable events from the years past during dinner. Spice things up with music videos for dancing ! Check out the "mega prom" photos below !
  • We also have set the Plasma Monitors up with a live camera feed so that guests that are seated can see the activity on the dance floor.
  • Kick It Up A notch and "See The Music Come Alive !" Later in the evening when the dance floor fills up, we also have all of the classic music videos ! Standard Party Songs like "Celebration" "Love Shack" "Old Time Rock And Roll" "The Twist" "Staying Alive" "Y.M.C.A" "September" "Shake Your Booty" and 1000's more come alive on the 42" Plasma Monitor as you and your guest suddenly feel like each performance is live ! Every reception where we have included the music videos, the guests were simply amazed ! Don't just hear the music...see it come alive ! Click Here  for a list of our music videos !

  • Anniversary Parties; A slide show of the couple and their families "Through The Years" really leaves a lasting impression !
  • Birthday Parties; Whether it's a sweet 16 or an over the hill 40/50th party... the guest of honor will be totally thrilled !
  • Class Reunions; Scan The Year Book Photos, arrange a slide show and watch the response !
  • Jack N Jill Party; A slide show of the couple / bridal party growing up, then video dance party follows !
  • Retirement Parties; Nothing like sharing the special moments of a persons career !
  • Video Dance Parties; Remember when MTV used to play music videos ? We do Click Here !

Production of the DVD for your event can be as simple as scanning the photos into your computer and burning them to disc using a slide show editor, or you can have your photographer or outside source produce it for you. We have seen some amazing presentations and some "not so amazing" presentations. Our Plasma Monitors can produce an outstanding picture, however you only get out what you put in. Many photos should be cropped and the color and brightness / focus corrected if necessary. We strongly recommend that if you don't have the time or knowledge of how to produce the slide show, have it produced by a professional. One person you may want to contact is Bethany's Slideshows. If you decide you want to produce the DVD yourself, here are some pointers :

  • The DVD must be a "DVD+" format and must be compatible with our system.
  • We must have a copy of your slide show for testing purposes 30 days before the event.
  • Remember to insert a repeat and auto play command in the index file or Table Of Contents
  • The 42" plasma is a wide screen 16 x 9 format. Be sure you crop your photos accordingly. Click Here For Examples
  • The more photos the better, and have them change every 5 seconds.
  • You do not have to add music to the slide show unless you are using your slide show as a presentation. <<Selection in Document>>

Below are a few photos of these plasma monitors set up at different types of event. At some events, they are the focal point, while at others they are on display for the guests to enjoy at their leisure. Click the small photo to enlarge.