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We have provided our services for dozens and dozens of spectacular out door events over the years. The majority of them went very well.
Here are a few photos. Please scroll down to view this entire page. If you have a comment please feel free to email me.

This page is to share with you our experiences and some things to consider / to be aware of when having your party outdoors under a tent. The majority of out door receptions take place in the summer. The weather in upstate New York is very unpredictable. Every topic below has been experienced by us over the years.

Weather Conditions : Hot / Humid

Very few people like to dance and party in a suit / tux / gown when it's 85*+ or it's very humid. While "air conditioning" an outdoor event is not practical, you should have fans available to cool your guests should they be necessary. Defiantly on and around the dance floor. Also, just because your event is outside by the water / or in the mountains / rural setting does not mean that when it gets dark it's going to cool off all that much. We have been to many outdoor summer events where the humidity at night was very uncomfortable. Please have cold beverages (water, juice, soft drinks) available before the party starts for your vendors.

Weather Conditions : Cold / Windy

If your event is in the spring or fall, or in an area where the temperature can drop drastically at night, portable space heaters maybe a welcome sight to older guests. These are common now, and quite attractive looking. They are normally run by propane and look like giant street lamps. Most tent rental companies will ask you if you want "sides" available for your tent. You may want to tell them yes, this will help cut down on the "wind chill" if it's windy. Please have hot beverages (coffee, tea, etc) available before the party starts for your vendors.

Weather Conditions : Rain / Thunder Storms / Severe Weather (These Are Actual Photos From A Recent Out Door Event !)

This is generally what has happened at our door events over the past 10 years... rain. You should be prepared for rain. The area where you are set up should be as level as possible, or set up on the high side of a hill so if it rains the water runs away from the tent, not through the tent. We have been at several events where it rained, and the rain ran under the tent sides, into and across the covered area making it muddy, and very unsafe. After the rain, then the humidity often sets in. Also be sure your tent company is insured in the case where the tent collapses. Be sure you read and understand the "Acts Of GOD" disclosure. If you are having your event at a residence, be sure you discuss the liability issues with your insurance.

Level Ground : The 20'x20' area where we are set up must be as level as possible in order for the CD players to function properly. It is also important the ground be level for our speaker stands, tables etc. You may have to supply us with wood blocks for the table legs etc.

Bugs :

No matter what your caterer tells you, bugs are an issue with food being served outside. Flies, Black Flies, Mosquitoes are common issues. Many bugs are attracted to light, some are attracted to carbon dioxide, and often fly around people. Bee's can be a problem in the afternoon.

Restrooms :

I don't think I need to cover this section much. Using a portable bathroom is not a pleasant experience for many people in formal attire. The average household septic system will not handle 100 people using the faculties all in a span of 4 hours.

Power :

  NO >>>

Please be sure you accommodate all the vendors power requirements. We can not all "share" the same "outlet". At the bare minimum you will need four (4) separate 20 Amp circuits in the tent located where the vendors are set up. Each circuit should be independent of the rest, and should not have anything else on that circuit. For example, you can't run an extension cord to the house and plug it in the kitchen some where. Chances are where it's plugged in is also being shared with something else in the house. We will need at least 2 circuits for our system. NO G.F.I OUTLETS ! All the cords run from the source should be 12 or 14 gauge, 12 preferred. We have our own generator available if power is an issue. Please ask me about the details as bringing our own power source to your event

Parking :

The vendors need to be able load and unload directly into the tent. Be sure you find out where your septic system is in relationship to where the vendors are going to be driving and parking their vehicles. Generally speaking, you should not drive a truck over a septic system, it could collapse. Guests need to be able to park close by as well. If not, shuttles may need to be available. Please be sure you read the next section !

Noise :

Simply inviting the neighbors is not enough. Sound can travel great distances, and on a perfect summer night, screens are down and windows are open. Most area's have a specific cut off time for outdoor events. Some area's require a special permit to have an outdoor event. The best thing to do is to contact the local law enforcement office before you even start to plan the event and see what they say. Get the persons name that you speak with if they give you the "ok". 30 days before the event, call them again, then one last time the afternoon before the event. This way if they get a call about the party, they may call you first rather than send a patrol car out to pay a visit. The last thing you need at a party is the police showing up.

Party Crashers : 

It can be very difficult to monitor who is at your outdoor event. Someone should monitor guests as they arrive to make sure they were invited, and as they leave to be sure they are not intoxicated. The DWI / DUI laws in New York are pretty cut and dry now. It's no longer "Drink Responsibly" .. now it's "Do Not Drink And Drive". Get behind the wheel after one glass of wine and you could be legally "Driving Under The Influence" and DUI and DWI is basically the same thing when it comes to getting arrested.

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