Our plasma screen is a 16x9 wide screen format. What this means is that the screen is wider than it is taller. This is now a standard format for modern TV screens, and most modern movies are filmed in this format as well. The next time you are in the movie theater look close at the screen, it's wider than it is taller. Our plasma screen is the same format as the movie screen.

Many traditional film style cameras produce photos that are a 4x5 screen format. Without the proper "cropping" a 4x5 format photo may appear much smaller on our 16x9 wide screen format, also leaving "blank spaces" on both sides of the original photo when displayed on the plasma wide screen.

Here is an example of a 4x5 format photo :

Here is what that 4x5 photo is going to look like on the wide screen :

Here is what that photo looks like on the screen after it's been cropped :

Ideally the photos that you choose for your slide show should start as "wider than taller" :


< Resized

If you would like to speak to me about this before you start to produce your own slide show click here to email me. As I mentioned on the previous page, if you even have the slightest doubt, hire a professional to produce your slide show on DVD. Besides becoming a family keep sake (and everyone will want a copy) the day of your event the photos will be displayed properly.